Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #2

The Blacksmith and The Octopus

2, Deus 839

After arriving in Altonshire, the party soon learns of a giant octopus that’s keeping villagers from fishing, which is their main source of food and trade. While on their way to inquire at the mayor’s residence, Yashin Taroz purchases two new handaxes from a local blacksmith.

At the mayor’s residence, the party was met by the mayor’s secretary, who refused to let them see the mayor without either an appointment or proof that they had killed the octopus.

The party went and killed the octopus before it could do any of the cool octopus tactics the DM had specifically planned out.

With octopus limbs in tow, the party returned to town, claimed their reward (20 gp and a Belt of Shielding), and sold the leftover octopus meat after Taroz gave some to the blacksmith.


Zed also spent a lot of time staring at the sun.

Session #2
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