Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #4

The Really Expensive Horses and The Trail North

(Note: Due to an unexpected development IRL, Zanphrax was absent for this session)

3, Deus 839

Running out of the inn searching for clues about Gerey, the Party quickly asked around town for anyone who saw a half-elf in purple robes. They eventually found an old lady who said she saw a man of that description riding a horse north out of Altonshire. After asking the local guards, Murdoch learned that he was most likely headed to Earlsvale, a small village to the north.

The party tried to buy horses but they were fuckin’ expensive.

4, Deus 839

On the trail north to Earlsvale, the party came across a group of merchants stranded on the side of the road who asked the party for help, saying goblins stopped their caravan and stole their horses. They offered to give the party a magical item as thanks, and invited Murdoch to look inside the caravan to see it. Inside the caravan, Murdoch checked under a blanket, and while his back was turned narrowly avoided a spear being thrust towards his back.

The party responded appropriately, and proceeded to completely destroy, humiliate, and just plain obliterate the bandits. They also wrecked two of them so hard that there were basically no remains.

Arriving at Earlsvale late at night, the party saw a pack of wolves roaming the town, and killed them.


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