Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #7

The Gnolls and The Filler

(Note: Due to unexpected developments and clashing schedules IRL, neither Nanon nor Zanphrax were able to make it to this session. As such, the DM decided to make this a filler session, putting it in the timeline right before the end of Session #6)

10, Deus 839

As the last of the two gnolls fell, one of them laughed at the Party, telling them with his final breath that the rest of their pack was going to raid Soathon come morning, and there was nothing they could do to stop it. Then his head fell, pointing in the direction of the gnoll base. The party, following this clue, ventured into the hills south of Soathon. By nightfall they came across a watch tower standing next to a tall fence, with two gnolls standing inside it. While Murdoch and Taroz hid behind some bushes, Zed shot a Fire Bolt spell at one of the tower’s legs, causing it to catch fire and quickly begin to spread.

The gnolls, noticing this, quickly ran down the ladder with longbows in hand. One of the gnolls spotted the party hiding behind the bushes and began to fire, while the other ran into the darkness. As the tower continued to burn and spread light into the area, the Party could see the gnoll who had run into the darkness was opening a gate that led inside the fence surrounding the camp. As the tower fell and the gnoll fled inside the camp, the Party finished off the remaining gnoll outside. As the party began to venture inside the camp, they were met with the sound of gnolls shouting and wolves barking.

The Party fought long and hard, setting fire to a tent inside the camp as well as the fence around it, but when they began to find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of arrows flying at them from the darkness, at one point even bringing Murdoch to the brink of death, the Party decided to make a tactical retreat back to the burning tower.

As they did so, the gnolls fell back as well and began shouting for their comrades. While the heroes readied themselves outside, they heard the shouts of at least half a dozen gnolls storming outside their camp. When the Party saw how many gnolls came out of the camp and took into consideration their own pitiable state of affairs before making the decision to flee. As the gnolls saw them begin to flee, their leader shouted at them to stay and fight like men. Murdoch shouted back “Not while you outnumber us,” to which he replied: “I fight you ONE ON ONE!

Murdoch took him up on that offer, and as he was about to ask for an hour to rest, he suddenly felt Heironeous’ strength surge within him, restoring him to perfect health. The gnoll leader told them that if he beat Murdoch, then the Party would have to rebuild his camp, and if Murdoch won then they could go free. With Murdoch healed and the conditions set, the fight was ready to start.

Within seconds Murdoch realized that the glaive the gnoll leader carried was far from ordinary – as it narrowly missed striking him in the arm and smashed into the ground, the weapon’s blade spontaneously burst into flames, singing the grass at Murdoch’s feet. With each swing, the battle grew more tense – at one point the gnoll leader attempting to bite Murdoch’s arm off and Murdoch narrowly evading his teeth. Finally, after like at least a minute of rolling dice, Murdoch found an opening and, leaping into the air as he struck the gnoll leader in the side of the face with the side of his blade, sent him flying into his comrades’ arms, dropping his glaive to the ground.

After being brought back to consciousness by his allies, the gnoll leader acknowledged Murdoch’s strength, and agreed to let the Party go. Murdoch reached out to help the gnoll leader stand up, and he took his hand. The gnoll leader introduced himself as Kaito, and agreed to Murdoch’s request that the pack not raid Soathon. Then, after Murdoch offered to pick up Kaito’s glaive, Kaito told Murdoch to keep it – that he had earned it through battle. And so the Party went back on their way, a new friendship formed and a new kickass flaming glaive obtained.


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