Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #8

The Everything Going Wrong IRL and The Everything Going Right IC

(Note: Due to literally everything going terribly, terribly, wrong IRL, the session’s start was delayed by over an hour, Zed had to leave early, and overall everything went just awful. In game everything went swimmingly, though)

11, Deus 839

The Party arrived in Soathon in the afternoon, and immediately went to the Habbakuk Temple. Murdoch warned a man who appeared to be the head priest about the threat Adoros posed to the temple, but despite this he insisted that Habbakuk’s Tome was perfectly safe. However, at Murdoch’s insistence, the head priest allowed him to stand guard downstairs, where two other guards were located. While he did this, the rest of the Party stayed on the main floor and watched the people going in and out of the temple to see if anyone suspicious entered. After waiting until night and not seeing anyone suspicious, the Party members (except for Murdoch) were asked to leave as the temple was closing. The Party went to the inn and slept (everyone except for Nanon, at least).

h3 12, Deus 839

At midnight, the sound of a large explosion erupting from the temple rang throughout the town, waking up the entire Party. In the basement of the temple, one of the guards were crushed by the falling debris, some of which also hit Murdoch. As the Party rushed to the temple, Nanon forced the doors open with Eldritch Blast, and inside found cultists setting fire to the temple with enchanted arrows. And at the end of the temple, standing next to the altar, was Adoros preparing to descend the stairs down to where Habbakuk’s Tome lay. At this moment, Murdoch rushed up the opposite staircase to see what had happened, but before he could attack Adoros he was stopped by a cultist, giving Adoros enough time to descend the stairs.

The fire spread as the Party fought, Zanphrax and Taroz getting wounded by fire arrows shot by the cultists, and by the time most of the enemies were down, towers of fire could be seen in every direction, rising off of fallen beams. Eventually Murdoch followed Adoros downstairs but, after hearing him shout “DAMN IT!” and run for the stairs in the other direction, he turned around and went back upstairs, ready to engage Adoros in combat as soon as he walked upstairs. As he ascended the staircase, Adoros released from his hand three rays of fire, the first of which killed a cleric who was trying to move debris off of the head priest before the fire moved to it. The second ray nearly killed the guard from downstairs, and Murdoch barely managed to block the final ray with his shield as it came flying towards his face.

Healing himself and bracing his defense with magic, Murdoch continued to fight Adoros while the rest of the Party ran to the altar to join in the fight. After Taroz attacked Adoros from behind, he cast Thunderwave, knocking Murdoch unconscious and, with a second casting, Taroz followed. Zanphrax, Zed, and Nanon all fired projectiles at Adoros, to seemingly no avail until, as Adoros was about to walk towards them, Nanon struck him with an Eldritch Blast that sent him flying back and down to the ground, knocked out.

As the Party hurried to stabilize Taroz and Murdoch, the building began to come down around them. While Nanon and Zed carried the head priest and Taroz outside respectively, Zanphrax tried to loot the corpses only to fall unconscious himself due to his injuries and being struck by a piece of the falling debris. At this point the town guard entered, and helped carry away the unconscious Party members before the building fell.

While some local spellcasters cast spells to put out the flames consuming the temple before it spread, the Party explained to the guards what had happened, and after hearing that they had killed Adoros the captain of the guard rewarded the Party with 250 gold. Murdoch also asked the head priest about the blank book he had found in Mosslet, and the head priest told him that it was most likely Sirrion’s Codex, having turned blank as a result of its limited uses being exhausted.


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