Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #9

The Birdaxe and The Fire Lizard

12, Deus 839

After awaking from their sleep after defeating Adoros, the Party headed south to visit Kaito at the gnoll camp and offer to help rebuild their camp. On the way, Murdoch asked the rest of the Party to hear their backstories.

Later when they arrived at the gnoll camp, Kaito insisted the Party leave, as the gnolls would handle rebuilding the camp on their own.

As they left, the Party decided to travel to Shepnor in the north. On the way, they encountered eight blood hawks that had pretty much the best first round ever and knocked Murdoch unconscious right away. After the battle was over, Taroz pulled one of his handaxes out of a hawk corpse to find that the hawk’s beak was stuck over the handaxe’s blade, transforming it into the BIRDAXE.

Then everybody but Murdoch and Taroz disappeared as they encountered a giant goat and a giant lizard. The giant goat went down no problem, but when Murdoch hit the giant lizard with his fire glaive, the lizard grabbed the glaive and absorbed its power, transforming itself into the Fire Lizard. As the battle waged on, the Fire Lizard became giant and grew wings, calling down a rain of fire and launching eye beams as it flew away in pursuit of greater goals.


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