A half-elf cultist whose motives are unknown.


Adoros traveled to Levelich Isle on the same boat as the Party. The night after they arrived in Altonshire, Adoros (under the name Gerey) asked the party to retrieve Sirrion’s Codex from Horice’s Tomb for him. After receiving the codex from the party the next day and paying the reward, he promptly returned to his room.

Then, when Taroz went upstairs to ask him some questions, he found a different man in Gerey’s room with Sirrion’s Codex, and Gerey nowhere to be seen. This new half-elf (Adoros’ true form) cast a spell to put Taroz to sleep, and promptly left the inn with the codex in tow.

Adoros went north to Earlsvale, where he kidnapped a cleric from the local temple and took her to a cultist camp in the woods, where she was sacrificed as part of a ritual that created a giant fireball that destroyed the forest.

After fleeing the fires of the forest, the Party learned Adoros’ true name, as well as the fact that Horice was his mentor.

At midnight on 12, Deus 839, Adoros attacked the Habbakuk Temple in Soathon in an attempt to steal Habbakuk’s Tome. However, the plan was a failure due to the book he was attempting to steal being a fake. Before he could escape the burning and collapsing temple, Adoros was stopped by the Party, and after suffering several heavy blows fell in combat. As the Party fled the temple assisted by guards, Adoros’ corpse became crushed by the rubble of the building he had destroyed.


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