Town Info

Altonshire is a port town located on the south shore of Levelich Isle. Its economy is supported primarily from fishing, as well as trade from the port.

Recent Events

  • 19, Raio 838 – Giant octopus took up residence in fishing docks, halting the work of fishermen.
  • 21, Raio 838 – The mayor put out a request asking for adventurers to get rid of the giant octopus at the docks.
  • 2, Deus 839 – The Party arrived on the SS Amicus and killed the giant octopus, opening the docks back up to use.
    Also, the party receives a quest from a half-elf named Gerey who asks them to retrieve Sirrion’s Codex from a tomb.
  • 3, Deus 839 – The Party leaves the tomb, spellbook in hand, and hands it over to Gerey (albeit cautiously). Taroz goes upstairs to Gerey’s room to ask him about the book. In Gerey’s room he finds another half-elf holding SIrrion’s Codex. This half-elf, presumably Gerey, puts Taroz to sleep and immediately leaves Altonshire by horse, headed to Earlsvale in the north.

Points of Interest

  • Majere Temple
  • Mayor’s Residence
  • Blacksmith’s Shop – Owned by Tenodon Torata.
  • Fresh Flail Inn – On bad terms with Yashin Taroz.
  • Crimson Crow Inn
  • Marketplace – Now selling octopus.

Known Residents


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