Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #3

The Half-Elf and The Tomb.

(Note: Due to an unexpected development IRL, Zanphrax was absent for this session)

2, Deus 839

At the Crimson Crow Inn in Altonshire, the Party is offered a quest by Gerey, the half-elf who they met on the S.S. Amicus, and are asked to discuss the details upstairs. Gerey explains that he’s the grandson of a local hero, Horice. He explains that, after his mother fell in love with an elf, Horice didn’t approve of the love, and as a result she fled with her lover, never to return. After some years she had Gerey, and through some connections Horice somehow learned of the birth of his grandson and sent his daughter letters begging her to come home, and one of them mentioned a gift he wanted to give to Gerey, Sirrion’s Codex, as a way of passing on his knowledge.

After discovering the letter, which was hidden from him, inside his mother’s desk, Gerey set out from home to Altonshire to meet his grandfather. There, he found out that Horice had passed and that Sirrion’s Codex had been buried with him in his tomb. Unsure of what to do, he asks the party to infiltrate the tomb for him and retrieve it. The party accepts, after receiving a prepayment of 15 gold, with a promise of 15 more once the book was returned.

3, Deus 839

At midnight the party ventures to Horice’s Tomb, finding the entrance inside a mausoleum, which lacked a lock. Inside the tomb the party found several types of undead, as well as a coffin sealed with a magic lock, and a bookcase where they find Sirrion’s Codex. Sirrion’s Codex, to the party’s surprise, was written in a language none of them were familiar with. They leave the tomb after waiting for it to be dark outside again (having spent enough time underground for morning to come), and return to the inn to give Gerey the Codex. After Murdoch asks Gerey some more about his backstory, Gerey shows Murdoch and Taroz the letter Horice wrote to his mother. Satisfied, Murdoch gave Gerey the book, and he promptly went upstairs.

Wanting to ask Gerey about the language the book was written in, Taroz went upstairs to the half-elf’s room and, after opening the door, found a different half-elf in the room, holding Sirrion’s Codex. Taroz asked him who he was, and when he began to grow suspicious the half-elf cast a spell on him, putting Taroz to sleep. Leaving him asleep on the floor, the half-elf went downstairs and left the inn, unhindered by the party.

After growing worried over what was taking Taroz so long, Murdoch went upstairs to check on him. After finding Taroz asleep, he quickly shook him awake and the two rushed downstairs, but the half-elf was nowhere to be seen.


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