Animal Crossing, But With Dragons

Session #6

The Tortoise and The Dire Hare

(Note: Due to clashing schedules IRL, Zed was absent for the first half of this session, and Zanphrax was gone the whole time)

6, Deus 839

The Party arrived in Altonshire with the refugees from Earlsvale, and were quickly asked to explain the situation to the mayor. After telling the mayor about the destruction of the forest, the mayor mentioned that he had recently been informed that Horice’s Tomb had been broken into, as well. Murdoch, who was talking to the mayor, feigned ignorance to the event, and the mayor told the Party that Horice was an evil wizard who had terrorized Altonshire. When the mayor asked, Murdoch mentioned that the leader of the cult who destroyed the forest was a half-elf, and the mayor immediately realized this must have been Adoros, the apprentice of Horice who fled the town after his mentor was executed.

The mayor wasn’t sure where Adoros would be now, but he recommended the Party head to Ostcrest and ask the duke of the island.

h2 7, Deus 839

Party traveled to Ostcrest and killed some Elks on the way.

h2 8, Deus 839

Party arrived at Ostcrest, and talked to the duke, an elderly man who seemed slightly senile. When he heard the Party say that Adoros had Sirrion’s Codex, he asked if he had the other book from the set, Habbakuk’s Tome. He explained that Adoros would likely be on his way to Soathon in the northwest, where a large temple to Habbakuk is located, and inside it the spellbook. The party spent the rest of the day traveling to Mosslet, which they found destroyed by the fire. In the middle of the road in town they saw a blank book with red binding, which Murdoch put into his backpack.

h3 9, Deus 839

Party traveled through the destroyed forest to Earlsvale, which they found in an equally destroyed state. They spent the night and traveled on.

h3 10, Deus 839

On their way through the hilly area of Levelich Isle, they encountered two Gnolls demanding a toll to pass. But then the gnolls died. For further details on the rest of this day, see Session #7.

h3 11, Deus 839

Party arrived in Soathon in the late afternoon.


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